Passing The Parcel
Passing The Parcel

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Passing The Parcel


This story is about an Indian couple who settled in America many years ago. During their 31st marriage anniversary celebration with few close friends, by mistake, Pradnya consumes quite a lot of wine and beer. In the meantime, someone from the group starts playing the game of “Passing the Parcel”. Whoever has the parcel in his / her hand when the music stops, has to disclose to their partner a secret which he / she hasn’t shared till date. When the parcel lands in Pradnya’s hands and it is her turn to confess, she tells Sanjeev, her husband, that their son, Sahil, who is 27 years old, is not Sanjeev’s son. There is sudden silence…..

Sanjeev’s face is a sight to watch…. Everyone is gaping at each other, trying to sink in what they had just heard.
How does Sanjeev react to Pradnya’s confession of cheating on him?
What follows post the confession?
Whose son is Sahil?
Why did she keep this a secret for 27 years?

All these questions are answered in the climax of the film.

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